Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown Circle Lens Review ♥

Hi everyone. So this is a review on a pair of circle lenses: GEO Mimi Café Macchiato Brown. This specific Geo series have unique designs and are all inspired by cafe drinks. The Macchiato Browns have a vortex-like pattern with multiple shades of brown, to imitate the drink that the design is based on. They look really natural at a distance and it also looks really cool up close.

I got these lenses from:

Link to the lenses:

base curve: 8.6
diameter: 15mm
make: Geo Mimi Cafe
color: Macchiato Brown
water content: 38%
duration: 1 year
prescription available: yes
Comfort: 4.5/5 Usually geo's are my go to for comfortable lenses. These are relatively comfortable, but dry out in about 8-9 hours. I took 0.5 off because of the huge mm and some may not be use to that. 

Design: 5/5 It has a nice vortex-like pattern. One of the most interesting designs I have seen so far!

Color: 5/5 These lenses will look great on both dark & light colored eyes. I have dark brown eyes and they still give me that pretty honey brown color.

Enlargement: 5/5 Huge! :D

For a more indepth review watch the video :)


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cute Floral Nails ♥

Hey everyone! So this is a cute floral nail design that is great for the summer time!! Hope you enjoy & I'll be back with more nail tutorials ^__^

Products Mentioned:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener
Essie Ballet Slippers
Koji Dolly Wink, #6 Candy Pink
Revlon #115 Peach Petal
China Glaze Tree Hugger
China Glaze Refresh Mint
Out The Door Americas #1 Fast Drying Top Coat

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cute & Easy Penguin Nail Art ♥

Hey everyone! This is my first time ever doing a nail tutorial and I hope I can film more in the future. If you guys have seen my nail polish collection you know that I am obsessed with nail polish. I love painting my nails different colors & designs based on my mood or a special occasion. But this past year I just got so lazy that I suddenly stopped playing around with decorating my nails. With this new year I am slowly starting to design my nails again. Since I haven't done nail art for awhile I thought I would start off with a really simple and cute design that is easy for everyone to recreate. This penguin design is great for beginners! I hope you enjoy creating this simple penguin design as much as I do.

Products Mentioned:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener
Bettina, Candy Grape
Clarins Vernis Multi-Eclat, 106 Ivory Shimmer
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro, 430 Black Satin
Joe Fresh, Blush Rose
Out The Door, America's #1 Super Fast Drying Top Coat