Sunday, February 5, 2012

♥ Me, Myself, and I ♥

Hello Everyone. ^_^ I'm Cyexquisite from my youtube beauty channel. After a lot of thinking and persuading, I finally decided to make a blog where I can fill it with lots and lots of product reviews, swatches, tutorials, hauls. It will just be a place where I can interact with you all. <3  I want to thank all of you so far for being so supportive of my channel and videos. 

What better way to start a blog post than to do the 10 random facts about me post. :)
So here we goooo... 

1.  I’m an avid collector. When I was 5 I would collect pretty stickers. If it was glittery, puffy, girly, hello kitty, I would collect them all. Then at age 8 I would start collecting cell phone key chains. I don’t know why but I just love to collect dangly cute key chains. Now that I’m older I'm starting to collect makeup, nail polish, bags...grown up stuff. :P 

 2. I have always taken really good care of my skin. Growing up I would always watch my mom put random stuff on her face & then before I realized it I started to do the same. Lol I would secretly use whatever she was using and then one day I finally got caught. She didn’t get angry or anything but instead bought stuff that was suited more for middle schoolers. In 7th grade I would always put on sunscreen and there was never a day I forgot to. That probably explained why my skin was sooo clear back then…ohh those were the days. Now because of my addiction to bb creams and coral blushes my skin is no longer the same. High school ruined my skin...forcing me to stay up late causing me to have makeup on for a long period of time. -__- I still pamper my skin every so often by exfoliating & using asian sheet masks but my skin will never go back to being as soft & smooth as a baby's butt. :P 

3. I’ve always had an addiction to asian dramas…Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, you name a drama… I probably watched it. I’ve been watching dramas for 4 years now? Before I would watch 5-6 dramas at once and they were all the ones that would still be airing so I could only watch 1-2 eps per week. Despite the torture of waiting for new episodes every week it was my obsession. I probably watched over 100 dramas so far. You can probably name any actor/actress and I can tell you which drama they acted in! hehe :P 

I'm currently watching Skip Beat/ 華麗的挑戰...really good!! It's a taiwanese drama but Super Junior Si Won and Dong Hae are in it. Watch it if you haven't already! Click here :) I'm also watching Wild Romance & Dream High 2! LOL 

4. I’ve been told I looked Korean more than I do Taiwanese. I LOVE Korean music, drama, fashion, cosmetics, & food! Haha so I guess I don’t mind being called Korean. I just gotta learn how to read and write Korean & the next time if anyone asks if I’m Korean I’ll agree & bust out some Korean. Ohhh & I was told that I look like her…I don’t see the resemblance. Do I?? haha 

5. I have struggled with my weight and physical appearance since I was 11. I gained 20 pounds during my 6th grade year just from eating school lunches. I was also short at that time…like 5’2’’ so I just looked like a short, round, plump tomato. LOLL In my mind I never thought I was pretty enough nor thin enough. But during the summer of 7th grade I grew 4 inches and I also stopped eating school lunch and lost 15 pounds. I have gotten more comfortable with my body but I still wish I was a few inches taller or a bajillion pounds lighter.

6.  My ideal height and weight have always been 170 cm or 5’7’’ and 110 pounds. I think the perfect age difference between you & your significant other is four years apart. :) I’ve always been jealous of those main girls in asian dramas…they always have my zettai kareshi -ideal boyfriend- and I wish/hope there is someone that perfect in real life for me…lame I know. :P

7.   I’ve been playing piano since 2nd grade and have playing ever since. I recently passed CM Level 10 which is like the highest level for piano.

8.  My favorite color is pink, I know so girly :) I just love glitter, ruffles, lace, anything princess-esque. Despite my love for pink I don’t own many pink nail polishes. I use to change my nail polish a once a week. I base it on the holiday, season, mood. Glitters are my FAVORITE…I can have on a glitter explosion ALL DAY ER’ DAY regardless of my mood. If I don’t know what color to put then GLITTER it is.

9.  I hate the sun. Lol If you know me in real life I’m always the girl who uses her binder to cover half her face or the girl who always runs into the shade. Because of this I have an addiction to whitening. If I see myself getting tanner I bust out the whitening products.

10. I have never worn shorts alone in my life. I always have to pair it with tights/leggings. The ONLY time I wore short shorts was last year because of costume for my dance performance. The theme was car yeah I kinda HAD to wear shorts. When you first meet me I am actually really really quiet. But once you get to know me, I can be the loudiest girl you've ever met!

Wheww all right…this post took forever to write up. I don’t think I have ever wrote this much about myself in my entire life. Haha well I hope you learned more about me from reading this superrr long post. :D



  1. YAYYYYyyyyyy <3
    welcome to the blogosphere Mei Mei
    this was so interesting to read!
    We're similar in a lot of ways

    1. hehe xie xie jie jie! ima try blogging often if i don't feel like filming. lol i knoww! we are so soo similar!! :D <3 <3 <3

  2. cute post hun. glad to get to know u better
    im now following ur blog xoxo

    here's mine, would love for you to drop by and say a quick hi :D
    talk soon hun xoxo

    1. hi hun! thanks so much for following my blog!! i really appreciate it. :) i just checked your blog & love it!! i'm following you now!! can't wait to see more of your posts!! :D

  3. Cute nails!

    I found your blog in one of the groups on Beautylish and am now following via GFC, it would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me too!


    1. thanks so much for following kim! i really appreciate it. :) loving your blog!! i'm following now ^__^

  4. OMG A FELLOW FAN OF DRAMAS. I am addited to all types hehe and have seen so many, i keep skipping past skip beat and i really do not know why, for some reason i guess i keep thinking it wont be as good as i think it is.

    but definately will check it out, i have been looking for a new one as i have watched all my favourite series about four times each hehe

    following you sweety, would you mind checking out my blog and following back? i always read entries and nine times out of ten comment ^_^
    youtube -
    Twitter @ShimmerGlitzglm

    1. ohh yayy!! i love meeting more people who love dramas!! hehe really?? i'm loving skip beat!! it just keeps getting better & better. & i'm starting to fall for siwon again!! he's jus so hot!! haha <3 ohh what are some of your fav series?? :)

      thanks for following hun!! i just checked out your blog & i'm loving it!! i followed back! ^__^

      keep in touch!

  5. Welcome to the blog world its really no different from the you tube world I think you tube is actually more scary haha

    1. haha thanks ashley!! so far the blog world is similar to youtube world. haha i can't wait to start posting most posts!! :D

  6. Love this post, really adorable!! Followed you from Beautylish, please follow me at!